Midget Trials 2018 AWG

Here are details for the weekend, including a schedule, team lists, practice lists, general information, goalie schedule and host information.  Sport North, HNWT and The YK PeeWee Dev. team are in charge of these trials so a big thank you to all of them for the work they have done.  I, myself, will not be a part of the actual trials once they start, as I have a son trying out.  I will be at the arena and am available to answer general questions about the team and the upcoming games.  The evaluators, including the coaches, will not be available to answer any questions either. If you have concerns about the actual trial process you will have to address the host committee - Sherri Plante and Sara True. They will make sure that the right people hear your issues. Their numbers are listed in one of these forms.

Thank you in advance for all your understanding.


Karyne Daniels

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Midget Schedule

Host Information

Team Lists

Goalie Schedule

Practice / Shooter Schedule